Managing Conflict in Your Relationship

Why your relationship may be in conflict

  • You have just discovered or have been told that your partner is having an affair or you have cause to suspect this is happening.
  • You have been told that your partner loves you but is not in love with you.
  • You have been told that your partner wants a separation or a divorce; or you have decided that you want a separation or divorce and know it will create a major crisis as soon as you disclose this to your partner.
  • You have developed feelings for someone else or are having an affair. You may feel somewhat out of control and are having difficulty handling your conflicted emotions and behavior and fear the conflict this will produce for your family
  • You and your partner have just had a devastating argument where horrible and mean angry things were said.
  • You have just become aware of how unhappy and lonely you are because of the silence or ongoing fighting in your relationship and now feel you must do something.
  • You are realizing that the relationship you have started is not working for you and feel helpless on what to do because your partner refuses to work on it or get help!
  • Your relationship has diminished passion, sexual complaints, a shutdown partner, demanding in-laws, differences in parenting styles, your adult children or your parents are in a relationship crisis etc.
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5.0 out of 5 stars best book I have read in a long time, very thorough.

- Hannah Latta

This review is from: Taking Space: How To Use Separation To Explore The Future Of Your Relationship (Kindle Edition)

"This book is by far the best book I have read on the subject of separation. The author is extremely thorough in describing various scenarios of different couples, their conflict, type of separation, process of resolution or dissolution. It touches on how to talk to the children, goals during separation, how long to separate, and what kind of separation to use for different cases. I appreciate the depth and length the author went in sharing his experience in this book to help others."