In House Separation

With an in-house separation partners remain in the same home with more space and adjust expectations for their relationship for a period of time.

  • In-house separations are usually short-term and offer couples a cool down period during a particularly intense time of conflict, crisis or tension.
  • An in-house separation usually works best when one or both partners simply need some space to sort out feelings and decide to detach or have minimal contact for a brief period of time but choose to stay together in the home. This kind of separation actually happens naturally in many relationships, during high-stress times during conflict periods, partners will detach and get space to cool down and regain perspective on the relationship.
  • What’s important in an in-house separation is that each partner works toward reducing and adjusting expectations of the other for a period of time.This can be done by creating a separation agreement with your spouse or partner.

In house separations are often chosen first and desired because both parents remain in the home with their children. They are also financially advantageous as they do not require the maintenance of a second residence.



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